Swedish Food: Kalles Kaviar

Kalles Kaviar is a Swedish brand of smörgåskaviar. It is manufactured by Abba Seafood. Kalles kaviar is based on a recipe that is several hundred years old that originates from the Swedish west coast, and in particular from Lysekil. In French, this type of caviar is sometimes referred to as caviar de Lysekil. Other manufacturers of similar caviar are Öhnbergs Kaviar (often regarded as the connoisseur’s alternative,…

Swedish Food: Abba Salmon Pate

  Abba Seafood AB, formerly Abba AB, with head offices in Gothenburg, Sweden is a company producing preserved fish products. The main factory is located in Kungshamn. The company was established in Bergen 1838 and in the 1850s it moved to Stockholm. The name AB Bröderna Ameln, ABBA, was registered in 1906. In 1981 it was merged into Volvo, was sold to Procordia and is…

Swedish Food: Ekstroms Blue Berry Soup

This blueberry soup from Ekstroms is easily prepared with water and makes 4 servings (1 cup each) High in Vitamin C The beverage is not made from the North American blueberry but from the bilberry Contains two packets, each makes 2 cups Favorite amongst Swedes    

Swedish Food: Kungsörnen Swedish Pancake Mix

Kungsörnen is a Swedish manufacturer of food. It was founded in 1929 in Skåne. The company began by manufacturing flour. The company is owned by Lantmännen AXA. The company’s headquarters is a pasta factory located in Järna, just outside Stockholm.  This mix will make you the original Swedish pancakes that you love. Get this mix through vendors at Amazon.com  

Swedish Food: Pågen Krisprolls

Pågen is the leading bakery company in Sweden. Ever since 1878, when the founders Anders and Matilda Påhlsson first opened a little bakery shop in Malmö, Pågen has had a passion for baking. Today, Pågen employs some 1 400 people, most of whom work at our bakeries in Malmö and Göteborg. The product range includes…

Swedish Food: Cloudberry Preserves

In Sweden, cloudberries and cloudberry jam are used as a topping for ice cream, pancakes, and waffles. In Norway, they are often mixed with whipped cream and sugar to be served as a dessert called “Multekrem” (Cloudberry cream), as a jam or as an ingredient in homemade ice cream. They may also be added to cakes that…

Swedish Food: ANNA’s Almond Thins

ANNA’s started back in 1929 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm by sisters Emma and Anna Karlsson. They were a small bakery that baked a variety of goods but their best seller was ANNA’s ginger thins or “Pepparkakor” as they are called in Swedish. These ginger thins became very popular and the bakery expanded rapidly. At the beginning of…

Swedish Food: Crisp Bread

Crisp bread has been baked in central Sweden since 500 AD. It was made as round wafers with a hole in the middle so the bread could be stored on sticks under the roof. Traditional crispbread was invented about 500 years ago. Finland and Sweden have long traditions in crispbread consumption and crispbread has been known in most households since the…

Swedish Food: Dumle

Soft toffee with milk chocolate Pack 220g (7.76-ounce)bag Imported from Finland A favorite amongst Swedes  

Swedish Food: Daim

Made in Sweden These miniature milk chocolates have a crunchy almond caramel center Daim are a favorite of both children and adults A great candy for fans of Heath or Skor bars Daim Chocolate Bags – 200g Individual wrapped Daim Chocolates”>